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Characterizing the Orbital and Dynamical State of the HD 82943 Planetary System with Keck Radial Velocity Data

Transit timing observations from Kepler - VII. Confirmation of 27 planets in 13 multiplanet systems via transit timing variations and orbital stability

Press Coverage Kepler space telescope adds 41 planets to its lengthening list: NBCNews.com, August 20, 2012 41 New Transiting Planets in Kepler Field of View: NASA Feature, August 22, 2012 Data confirm 41 more exoplanets: UPI, August 24, 2012 : : : : : --

Architecture and Dynamics of Kepler's Candidate Multiple Transiting Planet Systems

An Analysis of Jitter and Transit Timing Variations in the HAT-P-13 System

Quantifying the Challenges of Detecting Unseen Planetary Companions with Transit Timing Variations

Secular Orbital Dynamics of Hierarchical Two-planet Systems

Formation, Survival, and Detectability of Planets Beyond 100 AU

Secular Evolution of HD 12661: A System Caught at an Unlikely Time

Origins of Eccentric Extrasolar Planets: Testing the Planet-Planet Scattering Model

Characterizing the Orbital Eccentricities of Transiting Extrasolar Planets with Photometric Observations

Using Transit Timing Observations to Search for Trojans of Transiting Extrasolar Planets

The Formation of Ice Giants in a Packed Oligarchy: Instability and Aftermath

Observational Constraints on Trojans of Transiting Extrasolar Planets

Press Coverage Extrasolar Trojans: Systemic (UCSC Astronomy's Prof. Greg Laughlin's blog), October 11, 2006.

Secular Evolution of Hierarchical Triple Star Systems

Theoretical Implications of the PSR B1620-26 Triple System and Its Planet

Theoretical Implications of the PSR B1620-26 Triple System and Its Planet