Planetary Populations

Exoplanet Populations, Kepler, Hierarchical Bayesian models, Approximate Bayesian Computing, Machine Learning, Gaussian Process Emulators

Radial Velocity Surveys

Characterizing exoplanets and multi-planet systems with RV surveys. Extremely Precise Radial Velocity (EPRV) surveys. Improving the detection efficiency of RV surveys in the presence of stellar variability. Sun-as-a-star RV observations.

Transit surveys

Characterizing planets, planetary systems and exoplanet population using transit surveys, and particularly NASA's Kepler/K2 mission.

Astrobiology & Future Missions

Preparing for future direct imaging missions. Characterizing the surface and weather on rocky planets.

Other Observations

ALMA observations of debris disks. GTC & HST observations of exoplanet atmospheres. Astrometric planet surveys. Direct imaging of exoplanets.