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Occurrence Rates of Planets Orbiting FGK Stars: Combining Kepler DR25, Gaia DR2, and Bayesian Inference

Press Coverage Extrasolar Earths May Circle 1 In 6 Sunlike Stars, Says New NASA Kepler Study: Forbes, Aug 15, 2019. Wow! What if 1 in 4 sunlike stars has an Earth?: EarthSky, Aug 23, 2019. Analysis shows 1-in-6 stars may host Earth-size planets: Astronomy Now, Aug 16, 2019. How many Earth-size planets are around sun-like stars?: Penn State, Aug 14, 2019.

Improving the Accuracy of Planet Occurrence Rates from Kepler Using Approximate Bayesian Computation

Planet Occurrence within 0.25 AU of Solar-type Stars from Kepler

Characteristics of Planetary Candidates Observed by Kepler. II. Analysis of the First Four Months of Data

Modeling Kepler Transit Light Curves as False Positives: Rejection of Blend Scenarios for Kepler-9, and Validation of Kepler-9 d, A Super-earth-size Planet in a Multiple System