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Kepler's First Rocky Planet: Kepler-10b

Five Kepler Target Stars That Show Multiple Transiting Exoplanet Candidates

Press Coverage A Tidal Wave of Exoplanet Candidates: Sky &, June 17, 2010 NASA finds potential planetary bonanza: CBC News, June 16, 2010 Latest Kepler data includes over 700 exoplanet candidates: Ars Technica, June 16, 2010 Kepler Craft Reports Apparent Planetary Bonanza: US News & World Report, June 16, 2010 An avalanche of alien planets: MSNBC, June 15, 2010 Mass Transits: Kepler Mission Releases Data on Hundreds of Possible Exoplanets: Scientific American, June 16, 2010 NASA: Neptune-sized planets orbiting other stars: USA Today, June 15, 2010 Kepler craft reports apparent planetary bonanza: Science News, July 3, 2010.

Characterizing transiting extrasolar planets with narrow-band photometry and GTC/OSIRIS

Press Coverage Finding New Planets: WJCB Technology Spotlight, July 13, 2010. UF astronomers pioneer new planet-observing technique: UF press release, June 24, 2010. The GTC pioneers a new technique for observing planets: IAC press release, June 24, 2010 (spanish version)

Benefits of Ground-Based Photometric Follow-Up for Transiting Extrasolar Planets Discovered with Kepler and CoRoT

Characterizing the Orbital Eccentricities of Transiting Extrasolar Planets with Photometric Observations

Identifying the Rotation Rate and the Presence of Dynamic Weather on Extrasolar Earth-like Planets from Photometric Observations

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Using Transit Timing Observations to Search for Trojans of Transiting Extrasolar Planets

Observational Constraints on Trojans of Transiting Extrasolar Planets

Press Coverage Extrasolar Trojans: Systemic (UCSC Astronomy's Prof. Greg Laughlin's blog), October 11, 2006.