A Warm Jupiter Transiting an M Dwarf: A TESS Single-transit Event Confirmed with the Habitable-zone Planet Finder


We confirm the planetary nature of a warm Jupiter transiting the early M dwarf TOI-1899 using a combination of available TESS photometry; high-precision, near-infrared spectroscopy with the Habitable-zone Planet Finder; and speckle and adaptive optics imaging. The data reveal a transiting companion on an $\sim$29 day orbit with a mass and radius of 0.66$\pm$ 0.07 $MJ$ and $1.15{-0.05}^{+0.04} RJ$ , respectively. The star, TOI-1899, is the lowest-mass star known to host a transiting warm Jupiter, and we discuss the follow-up opportunities afforded by a warm ( ${T}{\mathrm{eq}}\sim 362$ K) gas giant orbiting an M0 star. Our observations reveal that TOI-1899.01 is a puffy warm Jupiter, and we suggest additional transit observations to both refine the orbit and constrain the true dilution observed in TESS.