stars: individual: KID 10358759/KOI-738/Kepler-29 KID 3832474/KOI-806/Kepler-30 KID 9347899/KOI-935/Kepler-31 KID 9787239/KOI-952/Kepler-32

Transit Timing Observations from Kepler. IV. Confirmation of Four Multiple-planet Systems by Simple Physical Models

Planets in Systems from NASA’s Kepler Mission The image above depicts multiple planet systems discovered by NASA’s Kepler mission and confirmed by transit timing variations (as of January 2012). Out of hundreds of candidate planetary systems, scientists had previously verified six systems with multiple transiting planets (denoted here in red). Now, Kepler observations have verified planets (shown here in green) in 11 new planetary systems. Many of these systems contain additional planet candidates that are yet to be verified (shown here in dark purple).